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Plastic shell industry under the rapid development of low - carbon economy

(1) from the plastic shell development began, to the plastic machinery users from the products, process recipes, equipment and after-sales service, such as full-service.
(2) in accordance with the requirements of users, the design of plastic shell to create a user to solve their difficult process for the application of equipment.
(3) timely reference to the relevant industry technology development, all kinds of the latest scientific and technological achievements applied to the industry. Such as electronics, communications industry and the automotive industry, aerospace industry scientific and technological achievements.
(4) keep up with the progress of materials science, so that the new plastic shell equipment to adapt to the processing of new raw materials.
(5) to establish the user in the market competition, the key factor is the success of the concept of equipment, and strive to operate the equipment of high-speed, efficient and energy saving.
(6) between enterprises have optimized reorganization of the case, but no large chemical companies that large-scale joint. As foreign professional collaboration is very mature, the scale of plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises will not be too large.
Domestic development trend
(1) to break the boundaries of the original industry, plastic machinery for the industry plastic shell service has become a set and to the depth of development, and then there may be to guide the market consumption of the transition, but pay attention to guidance must be correct guidance.
(2) to improve the technical level through the development of China's presses through various means, including joint ventures and cooperation, to continue to learn from foreign advanced products and equipment and equipment.
(3) domestic medium and low market capacity will be squeezed more and more small. Part of the enterprise differentiation and reorganization, some companies will reduce the proportion of plastic machinery and turn to a variety of business, and some companies will avoid domestic vicious competition and then open up foreign markets.
(4) social professional collaboration will gradually mature. Some manufacturers will focus on a local market will be big business.
(5) individual visionary, powerful enterprises began to increase investment in science and technology, to accelerate the absorption of high-quality management and scientific and technological personnel, in order to further develop and strive to compete with the world powers.
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